Making full use of Hinkley Point C’s Community Impact Mitigation (CIM) Fund, a new toddler play area will be created at the public open space on Meadowlands Avenue and trim trail (assault course) on the linear open space between Duke Street and Crowpill Lane in Bridgwater costing £79,430. The works are due to commence in May, each lasting a couple of weeks subject to favourable weather conditions.

Since the adoption of public open spaces within the NDR housing estate, a lack of play provision was identified by the Council and various forms of consultation have been carried out to determine whether residents wanted play areas created, landscaped spaces or for the areas to remain in their current form. More than one hundred people took part and subsequently Sedgemoor District Council has been successful in securing over £50,000 from the Hinkley Point C CIM Fund for improvements to green spaces located within the NDR housing estate. The funding bid was submitted to help improve doorstep play opportunities and encourage better use of local green spaces rather than using vehicles to travel further afield to access play equipment. The remaining funds have been identified from developer contributions specifically ring-fenced for play equipment and Sedgemoor’s parks development budget.

As part of the forthcoming project, a toddler play area consisting of two trampolines, varying swings, a roundabout, large climbing frame, see-saw, springers, talk tubes and play panels will be provided all within an enclosed playground fence at the public open space located at Meadowlands Avenue. Sedgemoor carried out tree planting and installed picnic tables as a first phase approach to improving this open space in 2017. Since this time, no complaints or anti-social behaviour has been reported to the Council, hence the continuation of improvements to phase 2 which introduces play equipment.

A trim trail (assault course) will also be provided at the linear open space between Duke Street and Crowpill Lane to encourage active travel to other nearby facilities such as the Wembdon Pavilion, Crowpill Lane play area, the Coastal Path and Town Centre. The equipment will be staggered at intervals along the open space and includes a slalom run, tightrope walk, parallel bars, vault bar, a walk the plant and log run.

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