Monday 8 June: Highbridge-based artists Leila Browning and Nadja Mcdevitt are inviting locals to film and share those precious moments of stillness we find in our Covid-19 affected worlds.

Their artistic project Moments of Stillness is one of the five commissioned projects for the
Creative Arts Under Lockdown programme commissioned by Seed.

Can you take a moment to stop? Take notice? Listen? And hear what is going on around you
during your daily exercise? Or maybe take a moment in your garden? Or on the way to the

Nadja Mcdevitt said

“In these unprecedented times we have all learnt to adapt quickly to the challenges and changing circumstances, it is essential that we take some time for ourselves. We would like to ask you to do this; in this moment of stillness can you capture what this looks like
to you. Using your phone or camera, film whatever catches your eye for up to one minute and share your video with us, just as it comes. If any words or thoughts come, please share these with us too.”

Leila Browning added

“Taking some timeout for a moment of stillness, gives a sense of mindfulness which is helpful for our individual wellbeing. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.”

Participants are asked to film in landscape orientation and keep to the current government
guidelines staying 2m apart. Please do not include people in your videos. The artists a will collate material and create a short film for everyone to enjoy.

Moments of Stillness is one of five projects commissioned by Seed, the Arts Council England
funded Creative People and Places project for Sedgemoor. The projects are led by local artists and groups who will deliver creative activities that will engage, support and creatively connect people in Sedgemoor during the Covid-19 lockdown.


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