Lumps of meat containing antifreeze and Ibuprofen have been reported as being thrown into the gardens of pet owners in Bridgwater. Please be aware of this.

While there is no evidence that this is being purposely done, and we will not report on those things that we have not been confirmed, we are writing this as a warning. We would not want to hold back on this story, knowing that pets are in danger. Please be aware of this when reading.

There have been various reports recently of animals having to be taken to the vet due to unknown reasons and, in some cases, it has been reported that they had digested antifreeze.

There was a report earlier today by Suzanne Karen Attwell, letting people know that her dog had been affected by this, and that as well as antifreeze, her dog had digested Ibuprofen, so if somebody is doing this, they are upping their game.

We found the following details on the effects of Ibuprofen in cats and dogs:

  • Ibuprofen can be toxic to dogs and cats, but cats are much more susceptible to this toxicity than dogs are.
  • A single 200-milligram ibuprofen tablet can be toxic to a cat or small- to medium-sized dog; toxic effects can occur rapidly and damage the kidneys and stomach.
  • Ibuprofen are drugs intended for humans that should never be given to pets.
  • Never administer human medications to your pet unless instructed to do so by your vet, and keep all medications in the home secured to help prevent accidental swallowing by pets.

Suzanne told us that this was in the area around the docks, but please be aware of this wherever you are in the town.

Please be vigilant and, if you see any meat in your garden, please remove it without hesitation. If you see somebody placing or throwing meat into a garden, please inform the residents and also the police.

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