With the upcoming local elections, many people are having trouble with the decision on who they will be voting this time.

For some, the problem stems from the way politicians, especially in the mainstream parties, have dealt with Brexit. For others, it is a problem trusting any politician to do what needs to be done, whether this comes again from Brexit, or the way they deal with other issues, such as climate change.

So who do you vote for?

We aren’t going to name a party that we believe you should be voting for, as we do not see our place to be here to side with any party, rather to give the information we have and then letting you make the decision for yourself.

The first option, is that you do not vote at all, or you spoil your ballot.  With this option, you will hear arguments about how the common man had to fight for his right to vote, and the Suffragettes fought for the right of women to vote.  While this is true, they also fought to give us the right to make the decision not to vote.

So, who should you vote for?

Firstly, if you want your vote to count, you should not allow Brexit to come into it, unless you want to use your vote to show your displeasure. Brexit is national, it is not something that those in local politics can do anything about.

Our advice, and what we are doing, is to take a look at what those on the ballot have done in the past, if they have already served as a councillor.  If they have not yet served as a councillor, then what are they promising to do?  Is what they are saying nothing but lip-service?  Why not ask them difficult questions, and be precise in how you want them to be answered. Don’t let them just get away without answering, or doing the usual politician trick of answering a question you didn’t even ask.

When it comes to asking the candidates questions, remember that there is nothing wrong with the candidate saying that they do not know the answer.  This is more honest than just saying what they think you want to hear. When I ran in the most recent General Election, I was surprised to find that at one hustings event, I received the best reception of the entire night when I responded by saying that I did not know the answer to how to support young carers.  Honesty is what we need more of in politics.

Have you heard from all candidates?

We would be interested in hearing about who has been in touch with you. Either canvassing at the door, or leaflets through your door.  Personally, we have only received two things through the door, both from Labour. This makes it difficult to make a reasoned decision.



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